Mammoth gathering of people from all over the country to witness the historical moment of Merdeka at the Padang.
  Massive traffic jam during the night of Merdeka in 1957
  The historical event of lowering The Union Jack at the Padang
  People from all over the city and the country gather at the Padang to witness the history in the making.
  University students demonstration at the Padang in 1974
  Map of Kuala Lumpur 1889 - WT Wood
  Sultan Abdul Samad Building under construction
  The Padang being used by British officials as recreational ground to play sports such as cricket
  Tin Mines in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
  People sitting under a tree at the Padang.
  The act of re-planting of trees at the Padang symbolising re-claiming the Padang.
  The Padang as a symbol of true democracy in Malaysia, the Padang by the people for the people.
 The Padang, Installation 2017.
 The Right to The Padang, Kuala Lumpur 2017
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